Facial massages & Treatments
Inner spa
Our facial treatments use “Thalgo” products which is a reputed unique name in the world of marine beauty. To ensure that our clients are experienced the authentic and effective cosmetology for the most beneficial beauty and well being.

- Revitalizing Marine Facial
 A purifying oxygenating treatment for sallow, sluggish skins, polluted by stress and negative life styles. This booster facial incorporates marine and plant proteins to replenish and nourish the skin, resulting in a natural healthy glow-the perfect city dweller facial

- Absolute Hydration Facial
This perfect facial treatment incorporates active marine ingredients to provide your skin an absolute hydration line assures, with all it needs to be intensely restored and refreshed for a clear, supple and radiant completion.

- Re-Balancing Facial
 Combining pure natural seaweed, rich in minerals and vitamins with highly potent marine extracts. This treatment stabilizes, deep cleanses and extremely effective anti-bacterial benefits. Ideal for combination, oily and problem skin types.

-Stress Recovery Facial
The recommended facial treatment to decongest, and smooth delicate, sensitive skin. Also very beneficial to soothe and protect even the most fragile and rash skin.

-Retexturing Facial


Body Massages

Inner Spa
has a variety of body massage services for your selection. We select many products with care that tender and suitable for most people's skin. And our massage's servicers must pass the correct training of massage for serving the best for you.

-Aromatherapy Massage
A blend of essential oils will be selected for your physical needs. A therapeutic massage using a special technique to drain pockets of water retention and lymphatic fluid. This treatment is designed to help stimulate circulation and boost the body's ability eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients. Your favorite choice of essential oils can be selected upon arrival.

-Traditional Thai Massage
This ancient massage technique has been handed down through centuries. Based on the application of pressure along the energy lines of the body, together with gentle stretching that stimulates flow and eases muscle tension without using massage oils. Thai massage outfit will be provided for your comfort.

-Swedish Massage

This well known massage will enable you to feel relief from all tension and stress. By applying nourishing cream using the whole hand (palm and fingers)with slow, rhythmical gliding strokes into the muscle and soft tissue. Focusing on the direction of the blood flow towards the heart.

-Herbal Compress with Thai Massage

This ancient Thai healing treatment using warm herbal pack containing 9 essential Thai herbs compress on the areas that need healing combined with massage techniques. This ideal treatment is to relieve muscular aches and pains. Its pressure and warmth improve blood circulation. Herbal nutrients help to nourish and revitalize the skin. After all, your whole body receives a rejuvenating sense of well being.

-Herbal Compress with Aromatherapy Massage

-Slimming & Firming Treatment

-Breast Treatment


-Kids Massage (นวดเด็ก)

We have good course of spa for children. we offer an opportunity to relax the body for the appropriate age of children.

For healthy children. Fatigue from the strain of learning affects physical and mental health. Massage gives good blood circulation. Stimulate the brain cause gastric excretory system. Concentration is better and help increase good relationships between parents and children.


-Foot Spa Massage

As the need for special care. Start by soaking the feet with warm water. Wash feet with "skin of kaffir lime". Then scrub with sea salt. Massage foot for tenderness. And scrub the broken skin out.


-Therapeulic Foot Massage
This treatment begins with foot spa to cleanse and soothe the foot that complement the sheer pleasure of a stimulating lower leg massage. All the energy meridians of the body are identified in the pressure points of the foot and this massage helps to release “blocked energies ”, which then reach other parts of the body, also improve blood circulation to enable a restoration of the body's natural equilibrium.

Body Treatments
Inner Spa
has a variety of body treatment services for your selection. We select many products with care that tender and suitable for most people's skin. And our treatment's servicers must pass the correct training for serving the best for you.
ขัดพอกผิวด้วยเกลือ Dead sea

-Inner Body Scrub
 Our exclusive signature treatment allows you to experience its amazing exfoliating and moisturizing benefits for the entire body. Dead sea salt blended with tamarind, Aloe Vera , pueraria milifica and vitamin E are applied and gently scrubbed in circular motion to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the dead skin cells. All natural active ingredients and plants extract selected ideally for brightening and nourishment. Leave your skin incredibly glow, smooth and soft.


-Morocco Purifying Body Mask
This treatment combines the body scrub using the famous green tea which enhances and protects the skin from free radical while Roselle helps exfoliate and smooth the skin to make you look radiant and forever young. And followed with the naturally colorful moroccan red clay body mask which is world renounce for giving the skin a deserved detoxify and deep-cleansing effect. As well as drawing excess oils from the skin and act as a powerful astringent for oily skin. Lets rejuvenate and protect our skin from the polluted environment.

-Inner Herbal Scrub & Wrap
Fresh coffee beans and golden honey are scrubbed all over the body for its best exfoliating benefit to prepare the skin, before our secretive Thai herbal blend and fresh carrot is applied as a body wrap. While relaxing in a thermal blanket, the warm wrap allows the body to absorb the benefits of the herbs. The skin becomes moist and soft. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

-Polish and Gold Mask

Spa course available with all intentions to offer the most special time in every time you use the service. Every course we provide will make you feel self-worth and the best service.
If you have any questions about our service courses. Please do not hesitate to call us to get more information
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